ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Australia Vs England on 10th June 2017, Who wins the match?Prediction

Australia Vs England on 10th June 2017, Who wins the match? Prediction

The massive game between the two teams England vs Australia will be held on 10th June 2017, Saturday at Edgbaston. The clash between the two strogest teams would be interesting too, where the team winning the group stage will go in finals, the team Australia is 5 times winner and the current holder of the World Cup title, would England will able to beat Australia in fifty over format?

The three weeks Champions tournament is more exciting cricket league where the 8 teams are in a battle field in fifty over match competing for each other to win the title. Not only in cricket but in all sports England vs Australia continues to be in the air from the back many years. Australia has the most balanced squad having the ability to play with tricks. On another hand, England all set up to win the Champions trophy.

About the match

Series: ICC Champions Trophy 2017
Teams: Australia vs England
Date: Saturday, 10 June 2017
Time: 3:00 PM IST
Venue: Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Toss Prediction

The team Australia with the good batting line-up of combo Warner and Smith are enough to increase the runs off the score board. They are not limited to the runs but also in terms of centuries and half centuries hits breaking the world records. England on another hand under the captaincy of Eoin Morgan has the ability to play with no fear and can damage the best teams in the league. Talking about the toss, according to astrologer Sumit Goyal the toss will go in favor of England and they decide to bat first.

60% toss winning chances by England.
40% toss winning chances by Australia.

Match Prediction

The team’s strength and the physical fitness is not only things that decide the winners but also having the right mental toughness and the ability to overcome the tough situations in the games are the things that make important for winning the match. The team Australia has never counted out of the game because they always carry the positive attitude towards winning the championship and the history of success are the proves. The team England to have strongest contenders in the team, who have the ability to turn out the game in any movement. The team starts with powerful openers Jason Roy and Alex Hales having remarkable skills, the other key players includes Ben Stokes and Joe Buttler with Captain Eoin Morgan who could make the competition more tough for Australia. Talking about the match winning prediction, according to our astrologer the match will go in favor of team Australia.

60% match winning chances by Australia.
40% match winning chances by England.

The match has both the sides ups and down where there is only one winner, there are the crucial situations in the match where we don’t have the players who can handle. So the main thing is that team must have the players who can not only perform well but also have the skills to handle the tough situations. As the battle between the strongest teams, there would be many of us want to see the match live, the tickets are available online for advance booking or can be collected from the stadium at the day of the match. For more predictions and recent ICC Champions Trophy 2017 stay connected with us.

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