IPL 2017 revised Schedule: Fixture, Dates, Match Timings and Venue Details of IPL 10

The changes in VIVO IPL 2017 due to the municipal elections in Delhi


The VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) schedule 2017 has been revised as a result of the municipal elections will be held in Delhi on 22 April 2017. As a result of home matches from Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians and rising Pune Supergiant have minor changes Suffered.

Please find below the IPL 2017 revised Schedule: Fixture, Dates, Match Timings and Venue Details of IPL 10

# Teams City Date Time Weekday
1 Sunrisers Hyderabad Royal Challengers Bangalore  Hyderabad 5-Apr 8:00 PM Wed
2 Rising Pune Supergiant Mumbai Indians  Pune 6-Apr 8:00 PM Thu
3 Gujarat Lions Kolkata Knight Riders  Rajkot 7-Apr 8:00 PM Fri
4 Kings XI Punjab Rising Pune Supergiant  Indore 8-Apr 4:00 PM Sat
5 Royal Challengers Bangalore Delhi Daredevils  Bengaluru 8-Apr 8:00 PM Sat
6 Sunrisers Hyderabad Gujarat Lions  Hyderabad 9-Apr 4:00 PM Sun
7 Mumbai Indians Kolkata Knight Riders  Mumbai 9-Apr 8:00 PM Sun
8 Kings XI Punjab Royal Challengers Bangalore  Indore 10-Apr 8:00 PM Mon
9 Rising Pune Supergiant Delhi Daredevils  Pune 11-Apr 8:00 PM Tue
10 Mumbai Indians Sunrisers Hyderabad  Mumbai 12-Apr 8:00 PM Wed
11 Kolkata Knight Riders Kings XI Punjab  Kolkata 13-Apr 8:00 PM Thu
12 Royal Challengers Bangalore Mumbai Indians  Bengaluru 14-Apr 4:00 PM Fri
13 Gujarat Lions Rising Pune Supergiant  Rajkot 14-Apr 8:00 PM Fri
14 Kolkata Knight Riders Sunrisers Hyderabad  Kolkata 15-Apr 4:00 PM Sat
15 Delhi Daredevils Kings XI Punjab  Delhi 15-Apr 8:00 PM Sat
16 Mumbai Indians Gujarat Lions  Mumbai 16-Apr 4:00 PM Sun
17 Royal Challengers Bangalore Rising Pune Supergiant  Bengaluru 16-Apr 8:00 PM Sun
18 Delhi Daredevils Kolkata Knight Riders  Delhi 17-Apr 4:00 PM Mon
19 Sunrisers Hyderabad Kings XI Punjab  Hyderabad 17-Apr 8:00 PM Mon
20 Gujarat Lions Royal Challengers Bangalore  Rajkot 18-Apr 8:00 PM Tue
21 Sunrisers Hyderabad Delhi Daredevils  Hyderabad 19-Apr 8:00 PM Wed
22 Kings XI Punjab Mumbai Indians  Indore 20-Apr 8:00 PM Thu
23 Kolkata Knight Riders Gujarat Lions  Kolkata 21-Apr 8:00 PM Fri
24 Rising Pune Supergiant Sunrisers Hyderabad  Pune 22-Apr 4:00 PM Sat
25 Mumbai Indians Delhi Daredevils Mumbai 22-Apr 8:00 PM Sat
26 Gujarat Lions Kings XI Punjab  Rajkot 23-Apr 4:00 PM Sun
27 Kolkata Knight Riders Royal Challengers Bangalore  Kolkata 23-Apr 8:00 PM Sun
28 Mumbai Indians Rising Pune Supergiant  Mumbai 24-Apr 8:00 PM Mon
29 Royal Challengers Bangalore Sunrisers Hyderabad  Bengaluru 25-Apr 8:00 PM Tue
30 Rising Pune Supergiant Kolkata Knight Riders  Pune 26-Apr 8:00 PM Wed
31 Royal Challengers Bangalore Gujarat Lions  Bengaluru 27-Apr 8:00 PM Thu
32 Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi Daredevils  Kolkata 28-Apr 4:00 PM Fri
33 Kings XI Punjab Sunrisers Hyderabad  Mohali 28-Apr 8:00 PM Fri
34 Rising Pune Supergiant Royal Challengers Bangalore  Pune 29-Apr 4:00 PM Sat
35 Gujarat Lions Mumbai Indians  Rajkot 29-Apr 8:00 PM Sat
36 Kings XI Punjab Delhi Daredevils  Mohali 30-Apr 4:00 PM Sun
37 Sunrisers Hyderabad Kolkata Knight Riders  Hyderabad 30-Apr 8:00 PM Sun
38 Mumbai Indians Royal Challengers Bangalore  Mumbai 1-May 4:00 PM Mon
39 Rising Pune Supergiant Gujarat Lions  Pune 1-May 8:00 PM Mon
40 Delhi Daredevils Sunrisers Hyderabad  Delhi 2-May 8:00 PM Tue
41 Kolkata Knight Riders Rising Pune Supergiant  Kolkata 3-May 8:00 PM Wed
42 Delhi Daredevils Gujarat Lions  Delhi 4-May 8:00 PM Thu
43 Royal Challengers Bangalore Kings XI Punjab  Bengaluru 5-May 8:00 PM Fri
44 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rising Pune Supergiant  Hyderabad 6-May 4:00 PM Sat
45 Delhi Daredevils Mumbai Indians Delhi 6-May 8:00 PM Sat
46 Royal Challengers Bangalore Kolkata Knight Riders  Bengaluru 7-May 4:00 PM Sun
47 Kings XI Punjab Gujarat Lions  Mohali 7-May 8:00 PM Sun
48 Sunrisers Hyderabad Mumbai Indians  Hyderabad 8-May 8:00 PM Mon
49 Kings XI Punjab Kolkata Knight Riders  Mohali 9-May 8:00 PM Tue
50 Gujarat Lions Delhi Daredevils  Kanpur 10-May 8:00 PM Wed
51 Mumbai Indians Kings XI Punjab  Mumbai 11-May 8:00 PM Thu
52 Delhi Daredevils Rising Pune Supergiant  Delhi 12-May 8:00 PM Fri
53 Gujarat Lions Sunrisers Hyderabad  Kanpur 13-May 4:00 PM Sat
54 Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai Indians  Kolkata 13-May 8:00 PM Sat
55 Rising Pune Supergiant Kings XI Punjab  Pune 14-May 4:00 PM Sun
56 Delhi Daredevils Royal Challengers Bangalore  Delhi 14-May 8:00 PM Sun
57 TBD TBD  TBC 16-May 8:00 PM Tue
58 TBD TBD  TBC 17-May 8:00 PM Wed
59 TBD TBD  TBC 19-May 8:00 PM Fri
60 TBD TBD  Hyderabad 21-May 8:00 PM Sun

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