DD vs MI on 6th May 2017, who wins the match? Astrologer Prediction

IPL Live Streamings: DD vs MI on 6th May 2017, who wins the match? Astrologer Prediction

The 45th match between DD vs MI will be held on 6th May 2017 at Feroz Shah Kotla. Delhi will host the match at 8.00 Pm. Both the teams are performing well in this IPL seasons. Sometimes it’s not only the performance but also the luck which brings the win for a team. If you are looking for the IPL predictions, you will love to read our blogs. Connect with us on our facebook page.

This time it will be more interesting to watch which team will steal out the IPL trophy. All 8 teams are trying hard to get in finals and win the IPL 2017 trophy. This IPL has come up with a lot of changes and variations in teams, with replacement and dropping out of players. So we can not guess who will win or lose the match. A lot of hopes from the fans to get the IPL trophy home. The tickets of IPL matches between the two teams will soon go up for sale. We can make online booking of IPL tickets in advance.

Information about the match
Teams: Daredevils vs Indians
Series: Indian Premier League, 2017
Date: Saturday, 6 May 2017
Time: 8:00 PM
Venue: Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Toss Prediction

If you are wondering to find out who wins the toss and match, we help you to with our predictions. Between the match of DD vs MI, MI is slightly strongest then DD as seen in previously held matches. As the match is held at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi so might DD get more support to win the match. According to our astrologer prediction. The toss will go in favor of DD and they decide to bat first.

65% of winning the toss by DD.
35% of winning the toss by MI.

Match Prediction

Looking towards the team MI has a good start over as compare to Delhi Daredevils. The team of DD has the drawback of the batsman in their line-up. Although they can perform well to take the match to the end, but winning the match from MI seems not possible. But as its the game of cricket we can not guess anything, we can wait and watch the match, a single ball can turn the match anytime. According to our astrologer Sumit Goyal prediction, the match will go in favor of MI.

65% of winning the match by MI.
35% of winning the match by DD.

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