Endless Scoring Virat Kohli – Journey between IPL 2016 to 2017

Endless Scoring Virat Kohli – Journey between IPL 2016 to 2017


Virat Kohli shines brightly in last season of IPL with record breaking runs of 973. Kohli was prominence with his batting power in all international tournaments hitting hard throughout the ground. But recently his performance was bit low scoring only 46 runs in five innings played against Australia in Test series. He was failed to performed well in this series scoring highest of 15 runs in Bangalore.


Kohli always the popular face of cricket for media, dealing the hard situation not only in the field but also in Australian media for not performing well. They players and fans talking sly digs at him, this might not have happened earlier but it does affect the performance of batsmen in IPL 2017.

Although not able showcase his immense talent in recent Austrailian T20 series but before it, he has scored bristlingly 1457 runs for 13 tests in the match played against West Indies, New Zealand, England and Bangladesh. Kohli is known to be hitting star for Test matches bringing up a name in Top of ICC ranking. His batting hits bring up the team to maintain the situation in tough times. He has shown his performance scoring four consecutive double centuries in four series.

Kohli has played immensely for India company with Ashwin in long format matches. They both swept away the opponent team making India won over New Zealand 3-0 with 4-0 hammering of England also the victory over Bangladesh in test series. Kohli has played for short formats. In the absence of MS Dhoni, Kohli headed the team and played against England series. He not only able to make team win the match but also hit hard scoring 122 runs in the testing situation in the first three ODIs. In the third ODI played in Kolkata although India lost the match, but Kohli was in news scoring 55 runs from 81 balls.

Kohli failed to fire in the shortest format of the game however versus the Three Lions, mustering only 52 runs in three innings. But, he would be a happy man as India won the series 2-1 again.

In his short format match, their was both ups and downs. Played T20Is against West Indies in Florida he failed in to perform well in openings the innings scored 16 runs. Also, Kohli failed when played against Three Lions, scoring only 52 runs in 3 innings. But India won the series 2-1. Kohli came back with his hitting batting power when played against New Zealand ODI series. He hit 358 runs in the total of five matches making India won 3-2 with 3 times scoring century and two fifties.

Although not in good form Kohli performance might not affect India having the handful of other players. But Kohli loves to fire the ground bringing up a victory for India.

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