ICC Champions Trophy 2017: South Africa Vs Sri Lanka on 3rd June 2017, Who wins the match? Astrologer Prediction

South Africa Vs Sri Lanka on 3rd June 2017, Who wins the match? Astrologer Prediction

The ICC Champions Trophy also is known as ‘Mini World Cup’ is going to take place between 1-18th June 2017 in England. This would be the eighth Edition of the ICC match which was started on 1988 and 2000. As we discussed earlier the 1st and 2nd match of ICC Champions in the previous blog. Let us discuss the third match. Sri Lanka will face off South Africa in the 3rd match of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. The match will be held at 3:00 PM IST in Oval, London. It would be interesting to see the match between Sri Lanka having youngster team with South Africa with most powerful players.

Both the teams are playing in Group B. Looking back to the previous ICC Champions Trophy results, South Africa won the ICC Champions Trophy in 1998 against West Indies and Shri Lanka has won ICC Champions Trophy in the year 2002. But as there are a lot of changes in the teams and the players, the result might be different this time. Looking in one day format both the teams has equal records with one match of the tie and another with no results. With 60 matches played in the one day both the team has won 29 each. So it seems the match of 3rd June 2017 will going to be tough for both the teams.


About the Match

Series: ICC Champions Trophy 2017
Teams: Sri Lanka Vs South Africa
Date: Thursday, 3rd June 2017
Time: 3:00 PM IST
Venue: Oval, London

Toss Prediction

The flawless performance from the teams makes it difficult to judge who will win the match. In ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup the two teams face each other at quarter-final in Sydney, where Shri Lanka won the toss and decided to bat first. According to our astrologer Sumit Goyal this time the toss will go in favor of South Africa and they decide to bat first.

60% toss winning chances by South Africa.
40% toss winning chances by Sri Lanka.

Match Prediction

It would be tough competition between the two, where the team of powerful players from South Africa chased the target to win the match and Sri Lanka will make it hard to score runs in ground. Looking the team of South Africa, it seems the batsmen who hit hard runs smashing the field. According to our astrologer prediction, the match will go in hands of South Africa.

55% match winning chances by South Africa.
35% match winning chances by Sri Lanka.

As coming to the end of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 the two teams who reaches the league state will enter in semi-finals. The most interesting scenario is to know, the teams going for the face off in semi finals and winner of ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

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