IPL 2017: Rahul Dravid much worried for out of key players from Sunrise Hyderabad Squad

IPL 2017: Rahul Dravid much worried for out of key players from Sunrise Hyderabad Squad


The coach of Delhi Daredevil Rahul Dravid admitted that the missing of good players including Quinton de Knock and JP Duminy was out of the IPL 2017 for ‘Personal Reason’ on other hand De Knock not able to play IPL 10th edition due to the fingure injury occurred during the test series played against New Zeland at Wellington. It might take 5, 6 months to fully recover.

In the interview with PTI David told that it is obviously a great setback for the team who is losing the big players in IPL. He also added if these things happened before the auction than they have more ways to plan to better for the team, but this is how the things go where we have no solution. Still, we have the hopes with other talented players in the team who can perform best for the team.


Dravid is now planning to spend more on international all-rounders including Corey Anderson of New Zeland and Anglo Mathews of Shri Lanka to fill the space of Duminy. But he also admitted that De Knock was a great loss for the team where the team will miss the top order opener for hit runs.

According to Dravid “We do have talented players like Sam Billings and hopefully, they can go up and perform,” he said. “We have allrounders like Corey Anderson and Angelo Mathews, so we hope that these boys can stand up and perform and in some way replace JP. But yes, Quinton is a big loss because he played so many games for us and was one of our main batsmen. We had built him up for this season, but this is how life is and you cannot do much about it.”

Dravid is in hope that the talented players like Shreyas Iyer, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson and Rishabh Pant will at least bring up the team in last fours. Dravid also said that we should try to give chance for the youngster who can do better for the team. Now, this is the right time to give chance to beginner and test them.

“We will also look to strategies better and give the [younger] players a good opportunity. In a format like the IPL, it is also important to rest the players and keep them fresh and we will also look at that and give it our best.”

Talking about Zahir Khan Dravid said the decision of Zahir Khan to play IPL to IPL will not hurt the absence as it brings new inspiration to the players.

“We have a lot of youngsters in the team and that is where we needed Zaheer, as he brings in that knowledge and sense of calm in the dressing room. You need that when you are playing a tournament like the IPL. Also, a lot of the youngsters look up to Zaheer as he is an inspiration.”


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