IPL 2017: Tymal Mills Inspirational rags to riches Story

IPL 2017: Tymal Mills Inspirational rags to riches Story


The big money player Tymal Mills with the price amount of £1.4 million bought up by Royal Challengers Bangalore said that he will not believe in the amount of IPL until it reaches his bank account. Tymal has already planned to do things with the price amount he gets. He said firstly he will buy the house and enjoy benefits of mortgage-free lifestyle. Despite getting the big amount of money his status of remains the same what was before in the game.


The rags to riches story of Tymal was very interesting. However dealing with the congential back condition and going throughout the treatment 2 years ago there was no hope of playing in such big international games. Now when good time starts going to start underway in coming weeks, Tymal has also faced his downtime when end up with the match of Pakistan Supreme League with his team at Sunnex, more like his home. On another hand, he also helped his mother who was sailing fruits stall at 6 o’clock in the morning before going to school.

Tymal currently lives in the flat share in Brighton, planning to buy the house but also excited to play and get money in hand. He clearly said at ESPN interview, the price amount is very big and it’s not yet real until the cheque is hand over me. He also added he did not have this much amount till now, he has to consult the financial advisor and spoke to the accountant for this big price of money. Everyone is happy for Tymal who has come across his journey with struggles. Tymal said that he is fully committed to playing for Sussex with the blasted start of T20.

It is natural everyone will notice and survey his game with the open eye and will compare it with the price amount. On the same end, he will never lose hope realizing that it is “a batsman game”. There could be matches or days which could be in his favor and vice versa. He clearly said that with the big price amount there would be the level of expectation from him, added to it he said he will go in the field and do what he has done so far.

Tymal said the back problem hit him hard for making his career in cricket. It was that time when he is at the starting of his career when he manages to play some tests matches and other are not in his favor. But it was always in his favor that he has not left playing cricket and give a crack to T0. There are many ups and down in his cricket journey that shown him different in IPL cricket. It is the real time when he could prove himself by playing well in IPL.

The first match of IPL will kick off on April 5 at Hyderabad. The two big teams Sunrise Hyderabad and runners-up of last season Royal Challengers Bangalore will meet in open match.

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