IPL Auction 2017: Fast Bowler Tymal Mills now Under Virat Kohli

 Fast Bowler Tymal Mills now Under Virat Kohli


Tymal Mills although played only four T20s still he had the good reputation in short format games. During last month, Virat Kohli said Tymal Mills is not a problem in Indian-England series as he is pace bowler with fasting bowling power, increases batsmen difficulties. The Auction highlights, now in IPL 2017 Mills is set to play under Virat Kohli. This 24-year young player creates pressure for the batsman with variation bowling skill at crucial junctures in T20 games.

Going back to the past, this fast bowler begins to play cricket at the age of 14. Born in Yorkshire, Mills played for Essex at the age of 19 before entering to England Lion setup. Still wanted to make the career in Journalism, he left to meet his passion for cricket.

It being said, Mills is born with fast bowling ability. Breaking record of 90 mph regularly, there were calls for him to be included in England 2013-14 series. But with congenital back pain problem, he is able to play short format cricket matches. Though overloaded play could cause serious pain, still he doesn’t want to cut from his fast pace bowling play, as result he stands different from the rest. He had played for Brisbane heat in the Bi Bash, Chittagon Vikings in BPL.

When asked mills said he wants to play well, face challenges and hope to achieve the target in coming matches. He also added that it would be the nice experience to share the dressing room with players like Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, and Shane Watson.

As sold- up with 12 crores for RBC, it would be the turning point of career for Mills.He said, he does not play for the big amount of cheques and his main focus would be enjoying cricket with powerful performance. There would be high pressure to play seven matches in the small field, under heating temperature of April-May. If everything goes well in RBC. Mills could be a star of IPL 2017.

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