IPL Auction 2017: First UAE boy picked in IPL Auction 2017

First UAE boy picked in IPL Auction 2017


Chirag Suri Delhi-born boy will be coming back to India feeling the effects of being “the IPL boy”. He is back at home playing as the first cricketer from UAE. Suri was picked up by Gujarat Lions in the IPL auction 2017 held in Bengaluru at the price of just 10 lakhs. Suri was not focused for the big amount but was happy for getting the chance to play in IPL.

When asked he said in his first post that, “For me, it’s wasn’t about money, it was just about experience. When that Lions’ bid came through, we were just happy. I didn’t care about another bid. I was just very happy to be a part of IPL. Playing under Suresh Raina and all these players, I couldn’t have asked for anything better,”.

With pleasure, the coach of UAE Dougie Bown congratulated Chirag Suri on his feet in front of the team.Though Suri was happy with the selection when Gujrat Lions bid for him first, he had not waited for the next bidding. At the same time, he also said that it’s been extra pressure on him now playing for Gujarat Lions.

Suri fathers working in construction- firm came home before to see his son’s name being hammered, on another hand, his mother shed tears of happiness after watching his son be selected for IPL auction 2017 with the base price of Rs 10 lakhs. Born in India and rise in Dubai Suri always watch IPL on TV at home. Now dream come true for the player who is looking for the chance to play once.

He started playing cricket at age of 6, joined cricket academy in India. In the year 2001, his family migrated to Dubai, but he has not left his passion for cricket. At the age of 15, he played for Asian Associates tournaments under 19 UAE player. The new role of playing as the opening batsman, he became the highest run scorer in a tri-series. The best break comes up for him in the year 2015, when he got call from UAE senior side.

Now Suri linked with Virat Kohli and also called as UAE Virat, as his batting was compared same as Virat Kohli. Suri said it was great opportunity to play in IPL and the first person of UAE feels very good. This could be a great support and inspiring thing for the UAE cricket players.

Though playing in IPL is a great thing still Suri believes that he has the long way to go and play like Virat Kohli.

“I don’t think that I am even one-tenth as good as him (Kohli) but that’s what they call me. I wish I was one-tenth as good. And, I wish I had got one-tenth of his money. But yeah, it’s fine,” said Chirag.

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