IPL Auction 2017: Hard to Face Money Loss in IPL

Hard to Face Money Loss in IPL


Difficult Pitch for IPL teams as big amount of money making it hard to go for India IPL seasons. IPL the match, the full of entertainment all over the world. There are no complaints about how entertaining it is. Everyone enjoy it with full of extent.

But what behind the scene?

Mostly the teams are not happy with the amount of money they spend. It looses the pockets, as well as the team, can force many losses of money. Checking out the figures and analyzing the recent auction held,  RCB is not minting enough money in the recent IPL outings. In the year of 2014-2015 seasons, they lose Rs 30 crores on the income of Rs 94 crores.

Teams make all efforts to win matches. Although competitions are tough therefore they have to spend huge bucks of money to buy best players. RCB hit hard with huge money loss in 2014-2015.


What about Delhi Daredevils? Yes, they are also in same track. The franchises saw their revenue declared from 2014-2015 IPL season. The revenue decline from Rs 159 crores from 2014 to Rs 117 crores in 2015. The team of DD faces the loss of about 20 crores previous year unfortunately in the year 2013 also they are at the bottom of the table.

Kings XI Punjab is also included in the list. The team saw their profit shrinks with the loss of Rs 94 crore in 2016. The brand ambassador of Kings XI Punjab Preity Zinta along with Neice Wadia and Mohit Burman has reported their profit of 12.7 crores in 2015 to 3.3 crores in the year 2016.

IPL was always in news for players, teams, and money. Still in recent IPL which is going to start in April there all lots of controversies and rumors going around.  The teams are earning by the revenue BCCI pays. They are also getting additional income through sponsorships. The prizes of tickets, income from trading players with other franchise, merchandise sales and also the prize amount all goes in pockets of the team members and franchisees.

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