IPL Auction 2017: See ball and Hit the ball hard

Here is the list of top 10 featuring IPL’s fastest scorers

1. Andre Russell
Runs 574, Innings  25, Strike Rate 173.41
Andre Russell was the first all-rounder who has shown his excellence performance with both bat and ball. He has set a tough match against West Indies. Although performed well in both the season, he has not continued to play for the next year due to doping violation related ban.
2. Glenn Maxwell
Runs 918, Innings  43, Strike Rate 161.61Glenn Maxwell the captain of Kings XI Punjab in 2017 is the one from the list of cricketers who made for T20 cricket. His key play has turned a number of matches in favor of a team and won the games. Still, the Austrailian cricketer has the lot to do to manage the international T20 career in his coming matches.3. Virender Sehwag
Runs 2728, Innings  104, Strike Rate 154.44
Shewag is seen well in form for shot games and naturally fit for T20s, but his play was not recorded well in long formats. IPL has brought him up with strong flood of swing in his career
Sehwag’s see-ball, the hit-ball approach was a natural fit for T20s, but he somehow never managed to dictate terms in the same way as he did in the longer formats. The made his strike rates record due to the flurry of early-innings boundaries he made.[adToAppearHere]

4. Chris Gayle
Runs 3436, Innings  91, Strike Rate 153.28
Chris Gayle is the answer to the question of highest and fastest run scorer in IPL. He is on the top of the list with 1.5 runs in every ball and 1 boundary in every four balls. His mind-boggling performance made franchises to bought him in the team with the highest price.

5. AB de Villiers
Runs 3257, Innings  109, Strike Rate 149.33
AB de Villiers is well known for his 360-degree game. He is the only player on the list who has played a number of games. His performance is the proof of his sustained excellence in all season he played. His all-rounder knack improved overtime to shut down opponents teams out of the games with averaging nearly 40 to go with his excellent strike rate
6. Kieron Pollard
Runs 1958, Innings  97, Strike Rate 147.99
With the excellent play, Pollard’s is known to be in the list of handful franchise players in IPL, who play tight to clear all boundaries of challenges from opponent team. Pollard’s shown his big-match performance in en route to Mumbai’s IPL  title played in the year 2015, where he scored 41 runs in 1 balls and in the finals with 36 runs for 18 balls played against the Super Kings.

7. Yusuf Pathan
Runs 2761, Innings  122, Strike Rate 146.78
Pathan has come up with his good performance in the domestic play and his debut in T20 World Cup final year. Played for Rajasthan Royals, the quick runs ability makes is the only reason he continued to be selected in most of the season of IPL. The powerful hitting ability helps to change the game in favor of his team. The good hands over bowling have never allowed to put any questions to his good play.
8. David Miller, 1480 runs in 60 innings; Strike Rate – 144.39
Runs 1480, Innings  60, Strike Rate 144.39
Although with not so good start in the IPL seasons, David comes in the spotlight when played against Royal Challengers Bangalore smashing up with 101 runs in 38 balls. That was the memorable moment for his down career. His best performance in the tournament was the result of his father saying “If it’s in the V, it’s in the tree; and if it’s in the arc, it’s out of the park”

9. Sanath Jayasuriya
Runs 768, Innings  30, Strike Rate 144.66
Almost at the end of his long-struggling career, Sanath still at the age of 40 manage to alight stadium with his powerful unique batting style. He was highlighted at the first two IPL seasons where he played against Chennai Super Kings scoring century for 45 in Wankhede Stadium sets a remarkable play in the season. Still, he is counted as the fastest in the tournament history.

10. Harbhajan Singh
Runs 783, Innings  77, Strike Rate 143.66
With the good records of off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh was good for his batting too. He does not shy or hesitates to hit runs from his bat. Although not scored more that 120 runs in IPL, yet he his cameo play in batting order put him 10th on the list.

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