IPL Auction 2017: The Successful Batting Pairs Who Created Tournament’s History

The successful batting pairs who created tournament’s history

Here is the list of players who was brilliant in their partnership matches that brings winning trophy for the teams.


1. Chris Gayle – Virat Kohli
     Runs 2512, Innings 54, Rate 52.33
 The batting pair of Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle has done wonders in last IPL sessions. This pair with team ahead of Royal Challengers done very heavy duties as top order batsman. They have shown consistence performance throughout the IPL seasons last played. Despite having 200+ runs together, they have not able to bring IPL title for team Royal Challengers
2. AB de Villiers – Virat Kohli
     Runs 2117, Innings 50, Rate 45.04
Scoring together 200+ runs they both are the reason for the match winning in T20 cricket. They have made a history of two stands of over 200 on their own.Batting together with full of power, they have broken many records with their hitting hard abilities of their bats.come ups as consistent players making it tough for opposite teams to score the runs.
3. Shikhar Dhawan – David Warner
     Runs 1711, Innings 36, Rate 48.88 Shikhar-Dhawan-David-Warner
Scored nearly 1200 runs together, they are the reason for bringing up Sunrise Hyderabad to its best to play. There is no other player on the list who put together the stand of 50+ with this frequency.Yet with consistent play and outstanding batting, the first order players had made it possible for Sunrise Hyderabad to win IPL season of 2016.
 4. Gautam Gambhir – Robin Uthappa
      Runs 1478, Innings 39, Rate 37.89
The two star for Kolkata Knight Riders comes up with dominant opening stands in the year 2014. The set up the game that brings it winning run in the year 2014. They have hot streak of 14 wins in the lead up to the finals. They continue to play matches and proves to be the most successful partnership in any of the tournament.
5. Michael Hussey – Vijay
    Runs 1367, Innings 35, Rate 40.2
Hussey and Vijay are also including in list for their strong partnership. They played together and scored 1000 runs in match-winning causes. They made a record of starting of IPL match with big hits with the brilliant performance. They have played together many matches with astonishing recods in the year 2011 and 2013 the most noticeable was 159-runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the year 2011 finals.
6. Brendon McCullum – Smith
     Runs 1257 , Innings 34, Rate 36.97
The partnership of Brendon McCullum and Smith has collected a number of clapping and cheers for the match winning play. They together brought up in 2014 who proved to play hits against any type of bowling attacks. It became their habit to win every match when played together in partnership.They played in middle order for Super Kings brilliantly and also come up with destructive partnership when played for Gujarat Lions in IPL 2016. Played 3 seasons at top of the orders they prove to end up the game in winning side.
7.  Ajinkya Rahane – Shane Watson
     Runs 1169, Innings 29, Rate 41.75
Royals’ was very happy for the match played by this duo in partnership. Out of their seven league match in the year 2013, they were the reason to win six of the league. Watson big hitting ability helps to score good runs to win the match, on the other hand, Rahane play well scoring fast runs in partnership with Watson.
8. Rahul Dravid – Ajinkya Rahane
     Runs 1145 , Innings 3, Rate 35.78
The partnership of master and student scored together plentiful runs in three seasons between 2011 and 2013. They have to build a strong platform for the Royals in IPL. Although scoring good runs played in middle order for Royal’s they have help to win 53% of matches in favor of them.
9. MS Dhoni – Suresh Raina
     Runs 1159 , Innings 43, Rate 8.97
Dhoni and Raina were the key of back to back winning titles played for Super Kings. This is nothing wrong to say that the duo when played together brings victory for the team. This is the best part that they handle most unhealthy play situations easily. No problems with late innings surge, top order collapse, they always bring positivity in play for winning the match.
10. Michael Hussey – Suresh Raina
       Runs 1166, Innings 29, Rate 41.64 Michael-Hussey-Suresh-Raina
The strong middle order batsman came together with the licence to go bowling after steadying the ship. They are the players who played shown their batting power when others top order players got out one by one. The duo’s strong partnership was the only fact that nine of their ten fifty-plus stands came in winning causes.

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