Jackpot of 2.6 crores for Siraj, Hyderabad boy makes it to IPL

IPL Auction 2017: Jackpot of 2.6 crores for Siraj, Hyderabad boy makes it to IPL

A dream come true for Hyderabad boy Siraj in IPL 2017 editions. The low base price of 20 lakhs with outstanding performance in tournaments turned out to be the surprising for him with package going of 2.6 crores playing in the team of Sunrises Hyderabad.

Speaking of news CNN-News 18, 22-year-old Siraj very happily said “I am very happy and did not expect this amount. I want to thank my family for all their support. Now, I want to improve on my bowling and give my best performances.”


Sporting out family background Siraj’s father is an auto driver since 25 years also the diabetic patient. Siraj’s mother Shabana Begum work in houses until last year to said his son was passionate about cricket since childhood. Siraj wants his family to give up all the difficult days. Adding to it he said “Yes, it was at times difficult meeting both ends. But my father never discouraged me from playing cricket. Today, he is a very happy man seeing him in the media headlines and taking wickets for Hyderabad. I dedicate my wickets to my parents, who have sacrificed a lot for me.’’

Siraj mother said in Telangana interview today “I was very worried about him as he was always on the streets playing cricket. I even beat him many times and taunted him that when his elder brother Ismail was an engineering student, the younger one never concentrated on his studies. He gave me sleepless nights,’’. “I was very scared about his future. Today I’m happy that he has become a good cricketer. But it is all Allah’s blessings.’’

The Hyderabadi resident of Khazanagar in Banjara Hills, Sirajpacer set off a bidding war and carved a niche for himself.

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