James Taylor Comments for “IPL Big Money Man”

James Taylor Comments for “IPL Big Money Man”


Ben Stokes become the richest player of IPL 2017 season. Though the amount of 1.7 million dollars spent by Rising Pune Supergiants makes everyone surprise for a moment. The cricket lovers and fans waiting for the performance of Ben and also he would be able to justify the price amount or not.

What did James Taylor the team-mate wants to say about it?

Well!! he said that the price amount set by Ben Stokes is fine and he deserves this much amount to be played in IPL. There is nothing to feel awkward about it. Ben Stokes from England play’s for the home country center and it is the to see that the amount he is earning in IPL is more than the matches he plays in domestic cricket for the home in 1 year. The England player has given permission to play 6 of the seven weeks, so he play in the month of April and May that will surely make big money bank for him in this IPL season.


Now Stokes is playing three One Day internationals for England against West Indies. After performing well in match he said the on Wednesday. He feels the little bit awkward about IPL matches price money and it’s very hard to talk about it with anyone.

Taylor told the press- It’s a big thing about stokes and everyone is looking and discussion about big money, but if anyone getting this much of amount, their reason behind it. The player is traffic in bowling, batting, and fielding and one is known and appreciated for his own talent.

Stokes was centre of attraction not only for the IPL amount but also for his meeting with nemesis Carlo’s Brathwaite for the first time after Twenty 20 final. Traylor said he has learned a lot of things from the match he played in his short career span. He also said that the best players are those who catch the things in the short time interval and the improves more from their mistakes. Ben Stokes must have learned too many things from his T20 matches and surely show the improved results in this season.

Although Taylor was retired of the cricket matches due to his unhealthy conditions he is coming in a new way by launching his book “Chance 10’s to Shine”. Get the copy of books at www.Chanctoshine.org.

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