Living the life of an IPL cheerleader isn’t easy

How it is to live the life of an IPL cheerleader?

An augmentation of the club groups in the West, IPL’s way of life of team promoters is ordinarily bigot. A couple of white women, skimpily outfitted dressed up with pom pom. Even though many have criticised the idea as they noticed it objectifies women, very little regard has been paid to.

In a current Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), one of the cheerleaders of a prominent group/team in the IPL has answered various questions anonymously.

We discover how is it to carry on with the life of an IPL cheerleader / team promoter in India.

​ Do Cheerleaders like audience?

“There’s just so many awful men making kissy faces and taking my picture that tend to just block everything out. Often I’ll lock eyes with some nice who are smiling the ones will be the people I’ll concentrate on for almost all of the game. THEREFORE I haven’t really seen many funny things. If someone sincerely made me have a good laugh though, that would be an appreciated thing,” said the cheerleader.

Cricketers don’t mingle with them

If you thought, cheerleader get lucky with the players, it isn’t the situation. Cricketers and team promoters have isolate get-togethers and the players generally neglect them.

How it is to live the life of an IPL cheerleader?

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