Pawan Negi to M Ashwin Play It Safe

IPL Live Streamings 2017 Auction: Pawan Negi to M Ashwin Play It Safe

Pawan Negi & M Ashwin boost up all the news channels and socials media with the outstanding performance last year. The duo was brought by the Delhi Daredevils and Rising Pune super giants at the IPL auction for 8.5 crores and 4.5 crores respectively.

With the release of franchises this year both Pawan Negi (Capped) and M Ashwin (Uncapped) is back to where its all began. The batsman have registered themselves for IPL 2017 for price of Rs 30 and 10 lakh respectively. One of the reason for Ashwin to set up basic price could be his chances of snapped by the franchises. Ashwin told TOI on Sunday – “As an uncapped player, I have three options (Rs 10, 20 and 30 lakh). But it’s all about getting an opportunity to play in the IPL rather than money .I never imagined that the price could increase so much in the last auction.If the value of a player is destined to increase, then it will. Those things are not in my control and I don’t really think about it. I thought I will get more chances of being picked if my value is Rs 10 lakh,”.

Last time Ashwin failed to make it for Tamil Nadu Ranji team. But has come back in T20 reckoning with a spot in the South zone team.

The Director of Delhi Daredevils TA Sekar said that there will be still competition amongs the Franchises to select any players.  The basic price he set of Rs 30 lakh will stand him in good stead during Bengaluru auction 2017 held on February 20. “A lot depends on how desperate teams are. No dissions has been taken about Negi and Ashwin, all will take place during the auction. According to Sekhar Negi won’t go for big amount for this time. He said- “I feel there will be a rally with Negi at Rs 30 lakh. Two-three teams could be interested. Somebody has to open the bid. I’m sure, he will get picked. He may not go for the same 8.5 crore, but may be for Rs 1.5 or Rs 2 crore”.

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