The Qualifier 2 match, Who will reach the finals? Still in suspense

IPL Live Streamings: The Qualifier 2 match, Who will reach the finals? Still in suspense

IPL 2017 is nearest to the finals, the teams playing for the finals are still in suspense. The 10th edition of IPL 2017 is the way to reach its finals, although started on 5 April 2017 till now it is full of entertainment, drama, and suspense. We have seen the players from England, as well as domestic players from India, has shown brilliant performance in this season and are in great demands.


It was great to see in this IPL the interest of the franchise for the selection of players. Some of them have spent the huge amount of money for selecting all rounders and key players. The other focus on completing the bowling, field departments of the team with quality players. It was heartening to see the 18-year old Rashid Khan from Afghanistan, who bought up for INR 4 Crore.

The domestic players who had performed well in IPL 2017 league include Aniket Choudhary, Ishank Jaggi, Ankit Bawne, and Mohammed Siraj including T Natarajan and M Ashwin, who had performed well other matches. Although reaching the finals the teams have performed well as compare to the previous year. But the teams has both strength and weakness.

As looking the teams who are playing well this time the favorite would be KKR and SRH. The team of Mumbai Indians is also making it hard to reach the finals. At this point, we can’t guess anything for winning the match, but we can go in descending order who will lose the match soon. Take a look at the series

1. The team KKR, who has undoubtfully come up with strongest batting power, although bowling not too good, still there are a lot of chances to win the IPL 2017.

2. The team SRH – They have shown that they won’t let other teams steal the IPL trophy this year too. The batting side is outstanding and they have enough firepower to make other teams hard to win the match, they too have key bowlers who can limit the runs in the field.

3. The team MI – The team is still in the game for young talents like Rana and Pandya brothers. But the teams can surprise at the end of the tournament nothing could be predicted.

4. The team of RCB have lot of fan following with lot of hope to win the match, unfortunately with injuries and losing the last matches of this IPL, the team seems to be low in confidence.

5. The team of KXIP & DD had played similar, with the good start they have played very well, the midway matches were not very good and now struggling to reach the playoffs, still, nothing could be said as one ball could change the game in cricket.


6. The team GL & RPS has played well in the starting matches, their performance goes on decreasing with the matches. Even GL would not be on the list to reach the playoff. If they continue to play in the same way, they soon are out from IPL 2017.

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