Why the News Channels Boycott the Match of India vs Pakistan held on 4th June 2017?

Why the News Channels Boycott the Match of India vs Pakistan held on 4th June 2017?

Most of the news channels have blocked the coverage of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 the match between India vs Pakistan held on 4th June 2017. The chairman of Essel group and MP of Rajya Sabha Subhash Chandra said that the media will boycott the match in support of the armed force of India as they are the real heroes. He also added the no news channels including Zee News and media will report about the match rather, we should show the stories of the Army who fought for the nation. The news channels showing the updates of each and every single Bowl played between the two countries but not the fight between the two. Let’s not show the match also in support of our Indian Army who risks their life for us.

We should think about the real heroes rather than cheering for the match. He also added ” We can’t be selective in our patriotism where at one end we outrage our Pakistan actors in our movies and at another hand, we play cricket. Not only the in the game of cricket but also other games including tennis, where the players are not getting the visa to play in other countries. Sports Mister Vijay Goel also said that no bilateral series will be played between India and Pakistan as the disputes of border terrorist are still going on. He also added that the government will not have any issues if the two teams were meeting in a multilateral cricket tournament in a neutral venue.

According to my point of view, the government should not mix politics issues with tournaments and games between different countries. This is only the way we can bring countries comes closer to each other, to have good relationships and brotherhood with different countries.

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